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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand-painted rose oil painting is a special find

Original hand-painted oil rose painting is quite a find for $5 at a thrift store.
On a recent thrifting trip, I took a few minutes to glance at the artwork that was available.
Usually, I don't find anything that strikes me.
The prints and paintings I mostly see are faded and look like they would have been perfect hanging on a wall in the 1980's.
That's why I was so shocked to find this beautiful original hand-painted oil rose painting for only $5. The wooden frame is a little beat up, but I know I can fix it.
The painting itself is priceless.
The biggest reason is because the painting is of roses.
Roses are special to me because of the daily novena I say to my patron saint, St. Theresa.

The novena is simple:
O Little Theresa of the Child Jesus,
Please pick for me a rose
from the heavenly garden
and send it to me
as a message of love.
O Little Flower of Jesus,
ask God to grant the favors
I now place with confidence
in you hands.
(mention your special prayer request here)
St. Theresa, help me to always believe
as you did, in God's great love for me,
so that I may imitate your "Little Way" each day.
I have been saying this novena since I was in the third grade. When you say the novena, you may receive a rose that was meant just for you. It's not always a physical rose. The rose may come in the way of a license plate, a comment, words on the side of a truck or a $5 painting at a thrift store. I've received roses in all of these forms and more.

When I put this painting on my wall, I will think of St. Theresa every time I see it. When she answers my prayers in the form of some type of rose, it reconfirms what I already believe.

There is a heaven.

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Blogger Rose said...

Perfect picture for perfect prayer.

August 8, 2014 at 8:30 AM 

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